What does your soul need today? Mix-n-Match Massage packages from Waldo Thai Massage & Bodywork let you choose just exactly what you need to soothe your body, mind, and spirit. Sessions start at 90 minutes, and you don’t even have to pick what treatments you receive until you arrive for your appointment! That way you truly get the therapy that you need in the moment. Packages are $80/ hour (90 minute minimum). Choose from any of the services listed below.


massage therapy

Thai massage

Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor while the client is fully clothed. This style of massage incorporates Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, compression and stretching. It is often referred to as a Thai Yoga Massage. Thai Massage is designed to free any blockages in your Sen or energy lines. The aim of the massage is not just to relax your muscles but to treat your whole body and mind. 

90 minutes – $120

120 minutes – $160


Swedish & deep tissue massage therapy

Whether you are coming in for some relaxation and stress- relief or you really need some knots worked out, I’ve got you covered.  Each massage is completely customized to your specific needs and starts with a quick consultation to go over specific health issues, pressure preferences, and what areas you would like focused on.  

90 minutes – $120

120 minutes – $160



Prenatal massage

According to studies done by NCBI, pregnant women who received massage therapy reported decreased depression, anxiety, and leg and back pain. Cortisol levels decreased and, in turn, excessive fetal activity decreased, and the rate of prematurity was lower in the massage group.  Basically, getting massage regularly is going to make you feel better and improve your pregnancy so book your appointment today!

60 minutes – $85

90 minutes – $120




Herbal facial

Time for some rejuvenation. This treatment includes an exfoliating face cleanse, herbal steam, mask, toner, hydrator, and moisturizer along with lymphatic drainage and a full scalp, neck, shoulders, and upper back massage. You will not only look amazing, you will feel amazing after this hour-long escape.

60 minutes – $80




mortar and pestle

foot therapy

Get the most from your massage session by starting with an amazing foot treatment. Spend some time relaxing in the quiet oasis of the relaxation room soaking your feet, drinking some tea or herbal water, and letting go of the stresses of the day. Each treatment includes an herbal foot soak plus a foot and calf massage. This is typically a 30-minute treatment but can be extended if you would like.





herbal compress

Deeply meditative, this treatment uses Thai herbs in a steamed compress to soothe aches & pains, relieve stress & anxiety, & boost emotional & physical well-being. The herbs are chosen for their pain-management properties as well as their ability to calm a troubled mind. This treatment is similar to hot stone massage with the added benefits of healing herbs.

$10 added on to any massage service. 




Herbal Compress



Healing touch yoga

An incredible blend of yoga, massage, and breathwork, Healing Touch Yoga will give your body, mind, and spirit a complete reboot. This 2-hour session begins with 90 minutes of gentle yoga. It is a combination of flow yoga and restorative yoga, and you will receive massage while you are in the restorative poses. This will both work your muscles and relax them. We will finish the session with some breathwork or a sound bath meditation. This treatment can be a private session or for groups up to 4 people. No yoga experience necessary.

Private Session – $160

$10 for each additional person




Downward Facing Dog yoga pose

restorative yoga + massage

During this 2- hour restorative yoga session you will receive massage while in yoga poses designed to release and relieve tension throughout the body, mind, and spirit. This is an extremely gentle form of yoga, and we will use a variety of props to hold you in each pose. This session finishes up with a 30-minute sound bath meditation. This is a deeply meditative form of yoga with little to no exertion. This treatment can be a private session or for groups up to 4 people. No yoga experience necessary and all fitness levels are welcome.

Private Session – $160

$10 for each additional person




Sound Healing

Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, drums and other instruments are used to balance and restore your body’s natural energy. The sound and vibration from the instruments trigger your body’s relaxation response, allowing your body to heal from stress-related dis-ease. Sound healing is beneficial for all stress-related issues, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, pain management, high blood pressure, insomnia, and so much more. This can be a private session or for groups up to 8 people.

1- Hour Private Session – $80

$10 for each additional person up to 8 total.






Mix-n-Match Massage – starting at $120

90-minute Thai Massage – $120

2-hour Massage – $160

60-Minute Sound Healing Session – $80




what’s included

 Organic jojoba, sunflower & coconut massage oil

Cupping (if needed)

Trigger Point Therapy (if needed)

Myofacial release (if needed)

Steam towels for your feet (during 90- minute table massages)





Tuesday 11am – 6pm

Wednesday 11am – 6pm

Friday   11am – 6pm

Saturday   11am – 6pm


By appointment only

No same day appointments